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Diving in Ari Atol

Ukulhas is surrounded by many great dive sites. Whitin 10-15 minutes boat trip we have access to 25-30 dive sites and in case of 25 minutes we will be able to reach up to 40 sites. Some of the worlds best dive sites are located in the area, eg. Fish head and Maaya thila

Dive sites in Ari Atol Fish Head, which is under marine protected status, is one of the best places in Ari Atoll for spotting sharks. Located in the mid-eastern region of the atoll. The pinnacle which plunges from 32-115 feet (10-35 meters) is covered in black coral bushes and dotted with caves and overhangs. Residents include up to 16 grey reef sharks and thousands of blueline snappers. Due to unpredictable current and the depth at which most of the marine life is spotted, this dive is most suitable to intermediate and advanced divers. The above may be the two most famous sites in the Ari Atoll, but the fun doesn't stop there.

Watching manta rays to slowly pass you, graceful whale sharks and schooling hammerheads, the Ari Atoll is a pelagic dream. In the shallows, the pinnacle is covered in nudibranchs, frog fish and zebra morays. Further down, divers will delight in the schools of colorful fish, flying formations of eagle rays and even the occasional guitar shark.


Diving with us

We can offer to you a dive holiday in Ari Atol or if you are coming to Ukulhas to spend relaxing time with your friends and family, you might want to consider going for few dives with us. We work together with dive professionals and offer to you a customized dive experience as per your need.

What is included to the dive packages

Are you a new diver or want to refresh your skills ?

If youare new for diving, what would be better place to start than Maldives. You can join the courses while you have your holiday and get yourself certified. You will start practicing from the beach on the house reef, and when you feel comfortable you will dive from the boat.

All courses are using PADI training program.

Training courses available:
All courses are inclusive of cource material and certification.

Safety is our priority

We want to offer you the best possible diving experience in a safe way.

All divers diving with us are required to be certified divers.

Our diving crew is professional and well trained.

Contact us to book your dive holiday

We can customize a dive holiday for you, contact us now !

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