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How to get there ?

Your holiday starts when you land at Male international airport, which is an active and growing destination for many airlines (arrival and departure information available on The airport is located on Hulumale Island, a neighbouring island of Male, the capital of Maldives.

From the minute you arrive, you will experience fantastic tropical weather and Maldivian hospitality as our considerate arrival service will guide you to the speed boat from the jetty right outside the International airport. The speed boat transfer to Ukulhas takes about seventy minutes, depending on the weather conditions and there are two scheduled daily transfers from the airport to Ukulhas island, one leaving the airport at 10.30am and the other at 1.00pm. Let us know if your flight arrival time is different, and we will assist with the best option for you.

When you arrive at Ukulhas harbour, our hotel staff will be there to welcome you to our holiday paradise. The RANTHARI buggy can take you to the hotel, but it will be also a nice walk through the beautiful island to really get a sense of the relaxing Ukulhas lifestyle. Our hotel is located on the beautiful Ukulhas beach, about three hundred metres from the main harbour.

RANTHARI location: Latitude4.212186 Longitude: 72.865799

About Ukulhas

If you are looking for a local island with local Maldives culture, Ukulhas is your choice. It is well known for its beautiful, clean beaches and prime diving location. You also don’t have to use seaplanes, as the island is located so close to the capital, and the international airport.

Ukulhas is close to the Northern boundary of Ari Atoll, at 72° 51′ 52" E, 04° 12′ 54" N. The island is 71.68 km west of the country's capital, Male. It is an oval-shaped, flat coral sand cay, oriented North-West to South-East, 1025 meters long, 225 meters wide.

The Maldives is blessed with a tropical climate and holiday feeling throughout the year. High season is from November to May with the ocean at its calmest and sunny days more often than not. The weather can be more unpredictable between July and September, but Ukulhas is still well worth a visit.

Ukulhas is a peaceful and relaxed island, and it’s also known as forerunner in several new areas of development. Fishing has been the primary income for the island, but since 2015, the tourism industry has started to grow and become the main point of business for the islanders.

While island traditions and culture are cherished and maintained, modern-day development has been taken into the villager's life gradually and respectfully. Ukulhas is known as one of the most environmentally alert islands in the Maldives, with an active community that takes on new initiatives for a great, sustainable future. As a result of education, systematic waste management and dustbin placement, the island and its beaches are kept clean and tidy.

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